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Forging a future where digital innovation is a driving force for positive change  in Africa and beyond.

At INNOVX, we are dedicated to developing digital innovations that tackle sustainability and sovereignty challenges across various sectors.

Our interventions span a wide spectrum, including Digital Transformation, which encompasses services like Assistance to the Management and Organization of Projects (AMOA), Model-Driven Development (MOD), and digital factory delivery services.

Digital innovations represent over two-thirds of all innovations in the business world, yet Africa's contribution to this momentum remains minimal. Our mission is to change that by catalyzing transformative changes in critical areas such as AI, Data Science, Big Data, and Blockchain.

AgriEdge, Boosting the African Agritech ecosystem through applied-innovative R&D and cutting-edge technologies.

AgriEdge serves as a link connecting various stakeholders in agriculture, including farmers, cooperatives, agri-food companies, agri-suppliers, public decision-makers, and Agritech start-ups. AgriEdge provides a comprehensive digital platform designed to assist individuals in agriculture in optimizing long-term profitability per unit of resources, concurrently enhancing competitiveness in the market.

AgriEdge was created at the crossroads of demographic, environmental and economic challenges, to help players in the agricultural value chain overcome these challenges, and is committed to:

  • Developing services to help farmers produce more to ensure food security for an ever-growing population.
  • Adopting sustainable solutions that remedy environmental problems and adapt to climate change.
  • Offering solutions for the efficient use of energy and resources to guarantee sustainable, effective and profitable production and to cope with the continuing rise in costs (agricultural inputs, energy, equipment, etc.).

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