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Our X

More than just a letter, our X is the compass that guides our path and symbolizes our commitment.

Bold exploration, the power of the collective, and the relentless pursuit of excellence are the guiding principles underpinning our daily action as we push the boundaries of the possible to create high-impact companies that redefine the future.

We promote collaboration and tap into the magic of collective intelligence, thereby unlocking our innovation potential to, together, explore new technological territories. 

We move hand in hand and stand united with resilience and determination to overcome challenges and (re)invent our own models, letting our actions speak louder than words.


Confidence and ambition.

This guiding Value shapes and directs our actions, manifesting as an attitude, a genuine intention, and an ambition dedicated to pursuing excellence through innovation. Niya is characterized by the sincerity of intention that supports the essence of our vision.
The driving force behind NIYA is the behaviors crucial to our success.

What sets our NIYA apart is that we've established it as a cultural foundation, representing our collaborative approach both internally within our ecosystem and externally, reflecting our perspective on the world around us.


Nefs means soul and spirit.

It signifies a mindset centered on growth and perpetual enhancement.

As a cultural symbol of Morocco, NEFS not only represents a core Value but also mirrors our unwavering dedication to realizing and embodying our worldview.

We wholeheartedly invest in our projects, driven by a steadfast determination to attain success.


Stimulating enthusiasm and commitment to create a long-term impact.

At INNOVX, passion embodies the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm of everyone.

It manifests in our resolute determination and persistence when confronted with the numerous challenges encountered while exploring new frontiers, all with the intent of making a lasting impact.

The resulting sense of fulfillment lies at the core of our motivation to foster conditions for both personal and professional development.

Passion serves as the driving force that empowers each of us, fervent in our diverse professions, to reach our utmost potential.


Encouraging collaboration and mutual support for collective success.

Solidarity signifies our dedication to engaging in collaborative and empathetic interactions both internally and with all stakeholders.

It involves cultivating cooperation, mutual support, and positive impact within our company and beyond.

This approach draws strength from the diversity and complementarity of our human capital, enhancing our collective and collaborative intelligence in a nurturing manner.


Daring to do things differently.

At INNOVX, boldness means to making decisive, responsible, and creative decisions while honoring the trust placed in us.

We are prepared to undertake the risks inherent in our industries and future technologies.

Committed to embracing change, we naturally exhibit flexibility and agility in response to emerging transformations and opportunities.