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About Us

Innov’X is the innovation engine of UM6P, to develop end-to-end ecosystems and build sustainable technology-based companies. It aims at positioning the Moroccan ecosystem as a reference in terms of science transfer towards scalable and sustainable businesses, with a local and global impact. It will focus on Agtech, Energy, Mining/Industry and Digital as intervention sectors.

Innov’X will consist of two components:

The key missions of Innov’X are:

  • Innov’X Development: An ecosystem animation program to set-up, frame and qualify new business opportunities with high potential and market traction.
  • Innov’X Venture Builder: An acceleration program, providing intensive entrepreneurial support, high level advisory and adapted funding to turn the toughest industrial and scientific opportunities into sustainably scalable new businesses.

UM6P and OCP being the founders of Innov’X offer the opportunity to relay on their strategic capabilities as it leverages on UM6P’s cross-disciplinary applied-research, R&D, technology transfer programs. On the other hand, on OCP’s assets, intrapreneurial ecosystem and industrial plate-forms while supporting its development and new businesses delivery.

Shaping progress together, by playing a role of central coordinator, to pave the way for innovative, sustainable and technological enterprises to emerge from the Moroccan ecosystem and enable Africa to be at the edge of innovative economies.

Our Values


We explore, immersed in an exceptional environment, but at the same time we must turn this exploration into delivery in a context of innovation. To that end, knowing how to qualify, quantify, phase, program, while managing the unexpected, changing course when necessary but clinging to go all the way.


Innovation is about taking bets and exploring new, uncharted territory, with the difficulties and discomfort that entails. We do not limit ourselves and work to build the capacities that will make our ambition.


We believe in the power of diversity and energy, to shape progress together. We empower a community of talents and experts, to explore & deliver sustainable businesses. We leverage OCP & UM6P existing capabilities and are open to create daily synergies with national and international players that support our mission. We see our role as a catalyst to develop new business opportunities in new markets with new technologies.


At Innov’X we want to put technology at the service of sustainable and innovative Moroccan industries. We want to develop ecosystems and build new businesses, that will pave the way for more sustainable operations. We believe that companies can still generate EBITDA while putting sustainability at the heart of their business models. All our policies, management rules and decisions are in accordance with sustainability.


Shaping progress together.

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