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Pioneering the Next Industries

Welcome to INNOVX

INNOVX, subsidiary of UM6P, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial company committed to “Pioneering the Next industries” by investing and developing innovative, high-performing technological businesses and ecosystems with a strong environmental and social impact.

Our Vision

Contribute to a future where Technology and Sustainability converge to make a lasting, positive impact.

At INNOVX, we are committed to addressing the global challenges of sustainability and contributing to Morocco's technological leadership.

Our Ambition

We operate in 5 strategic sectors essential to food sovereignty and the energy and digital transition. We are on a mission to pioneer transformative solutions across five strategic sectors:

Agriculture & Water

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An ambitious Roadmap aimed at transforming tomorrow.

Our roadmap includes over 30 projects spanning food security, sustainable green energy, agro-industry, mobility, social innovation, decarbonization, and agritech solutions.

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    Pioneers Podcast 2 : The world of conservation agriculture and carbon farming with TOURBA.

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    Sustainability is our compass, guiding every decision we make. We are committed to creating a better, more sustainable, and inclusive future through our actions.

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    • Pioneers Podcast 2 : The world of conservation agriculture and carbon farming with TOURBA

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    Join Our Culture of Impact and Collaboration.

    Our 'X' symbolizes our culture and commitment to impact, collaboration, and values. We thrive on audacious exploration, collective power, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we break barriers and create ventures that redefine the future.