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Pursuing equity investments in tech startups through our dedicated investment funds

Bidra Innovation Ventures FundCatalyzing Growth through Strategic Venture Capital Investments and Academic Collaborations.

Bidra focuses on venture capital investments in agriculture, water, mining, and energy startups, providing not only funding for research and development projects but also engaging in collaborations with American universities. Bidra  identifies, supports and promotes bold and innovative solutions throughout the world, launched with the support of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and OCP Group, Bidra places its mission at the center of the global effort to sustainably feed a growing world population.

UM6P VenturesPromoting entrepreneurship in Morocco and Africa through Digital Transformation and Deeptech.

UM6P Ventures promotes entrepreneurship in Morocco and Africa through its Digital Transformation and Deeptech fund, supporting early-stage startups. Collaborating with incubators and investors, it funds digital transformation ventures. Specializing in pre-seed and seed investments, UM6P Ventures collaborates with partners from its extensive network, which includes native and international programs like incubators, accelerators, Business Angels, and venture capitalists.

Impact FundImpact Fund dedicated to agriculture and social innovation.

The aim of the Impact Fund is to encourage the emergence of high-potential structures with projects on the national market, but also with an international outlook. The Impact Fund mobilizes incubation services, strategic and technical experts and financial resources to guarantee the success and sustainability of projects.

Equity InvestmentsSeedbox, Equity investments in Tech startups.

Seedbox stimulates investment in technological startups with a strategic interest in the medium and long term. These startups may necessitate business and technology maturation before reaching a stage where they can be effectively industrialized.