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Pioneering the future of farms through Carbon Farming solutions.

Tourba revolutionizes agriculture by harnessing the power of soil health to pave the way for climate resilience and sustainability.

Our vision is to make conservation agriculture a restorative force, harmonizing with nature to yield abundant crops while nurturing the earth.

Tourba's programs involve contracting, training, and supporting farmers to adopt direct seeding and other sustainable practices, certifying carbon credits from these practices, and managing their sale to provide farmers with a new income source. Our program significantly improves soil resilience, stabilizes yields, reduces operating costs, and saves time, enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability. Tourba’s approach includes deploying advanced Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solutions, developing a comprehensive platform for farmers, and calibrating agronomic models for precise carbon sequestration estimation. 

By 2030, Tourba aims to transform 6 million hectares in Africa and South America, sequestering 7 million tons of CO2 through sustainable farming and reforestation.

  • +30HAtransformed in Morocco
  • 6Mhectares by 2030 across Africa and South America

TOURBA - Carbon Farming

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